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Water Cooler FSS 150/150

Water Cooler FSS 150/150

The model number for 150 liter Voltas water cooler is FSS 150 150 or PSS 150 150. Both the water coolers have the same cooling and storage capacity. The only difference is in the type of steel used. The water coolers have 2 faucets. The refrigerant used is R 134 which is an eco friendly refrigerant. This model is suitable for places which have at least 150 – 300 people. Thus the FSS 150 150 is regularly used in religious places, marriage halls, large offices and schools as well as in government offices.

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The 150 liter Voltas water cooler is the largest water cooler of Voltas. The 150 liter water cooler has 150 liters of cooling and 150 liters of storage. This water cooler is also available in partial stainless steel as well as complete stainless steel finish. The partial stainless steel model is a bit cheaper than the complete stainless steel model.


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